Duke University Water Harvesting Pond

**More than 100 million gallons per year are provided to the chiller plant saving the University $400,000 annually.**

Duke University
Project Type:
Water Resources & Infrastructure
Durham, North Carolina
CHALLENGE: Reduce Duke University’s reliance on the City of Durham’s municipal water supply and provide a comprehensive stormwater management solution for the campus.
SOLUTION: McAdams designed a large stormwater harvesting basin resulting in a significant reduction in water demand from the City.  Additionally, the pond provides stormwater benefits for the entire campus.  
McAdams was hired by Duke University to design a water reclamation pond to provide water for a chiller plant that will save over 100 million gallons of water per year. Duke’s Chiller Plant #2 is the largest single user of potable water in the City of Durham. McAdams design included restoration of a stream segment on Duke’s campus tying into the University’s extensive SWAMP system of restored stream sections. McAdams conducted natural resource investigations to include wetland delineations, stream assessments, threatened and endangered species assessments, and habitat assessments for the preparation of an environmental assessment, Individual Permit, Stream Restoration Plan and Monitoring, and Invasive Species Management Plan.  A cornerstone of the project was the restoration and enhancement of approximately 3,459 linear feet of highly degraded stream.  This included on going mitigation monitoring activities and the establishment of an Invasive Species Management Plan which could be used by Duke University as a framework to manage and treat invasive species throughout the campus.