Fawn Ridge Stream Assessment

Town of Knightdale
Project Type:
Water Resources & Infrastructure
Knightdale, North Carolina

McAdams conducted a stream condition assessment and provided a feasibility report in the summer of 2015 to restore an impaired stream for the Town of Knightdale. The impaired stream was highly eroded with a 4-foot localized headcut that has progressed upstream through engineered fill and has exposed a saprolite subgrade layer where the channel incision is most significant. Stream erosion has caused trees located on the stream banks to fall and is currently threatening the back porch of a local residence. The stream assessment/feasibility report was completed to analyze the current impaired condition of the stream, provide recommendations for stabilizing and/or restoring the stream, and develop a strategy to mitigate future property damage. Three recommendations were presented within the feasibility report. Option 1 provided cost-effective repairs to the channel in its current location through stabilization techniques. Option 2 provided instream restoration using natural channel design techniques to create a more permanent and less maintenance-intensive solution. Option 3 provided stream restoration by moving the stream back into the public drainage easement and proposing a new adequately sized channel with appropriate stabilization. McAdams is now in the design phase of the stream repair project with the Town of Knightdale.