Harper Park Storm Drainage Assessment

Town of Knightdale
Project Type:
Water Resources & Infrastructure
Knightdale, North Carolina

CHALLENGE: Provide a design solution to remove the existing drainage channels allowing for greater flexibility for future redesign of the Park.  

SOLUTION:  McAdams provided a solution that eliminated the channels allowing for maximum flexibility during redesign of the Park.

Harper Park is located in Knightdale at the southern terminus of Third Avenue, near Main Street.  McAdams was retained by the Town of Knightdale to design an alternative drainage system for the existing rip-rap channels that currently convey offsite stormwater through the site.  In addition to replacement of the channels, the scope of the project included revisions to the existing drainage system around the tennis courts within the park to correct deficiencies that currently exist.  McAdams obtained concurrence from the Corps of Engineers and NC Division of Water Resources that the channels on site were not jurisdictional, therefore no permitting was required (wetland, stream, or riparian buffer) for construction of the project.  McAdams prepared two design alternatives – one alternative to pipe all of the on-site channel areas, and a second alternative to pipe only the upstream channel areas, leaving one section of rip-rap channel in place.  This second alternative was prepared both to reduce costs from import of fill material and to save a significant number of existing trees that would be lost during the placement of fill for the piping in the downstream section of the channel.  Cost estimates were prepared, as well as preliminary level construction documents for the project.