NE Creek Watershed Study

Project Type:
Water Resources & Infrastructure
Durham, North Carolina

McAdams, as a sub-consultant to another firm, served on the project team that developed BMP retrofit opportunities for the City of Durham Northeast Creek Watershed Project. Focusing on candidate pilot study areas and areas without stormwater controls, the team reviewed available design plans, as-built drawings, and City maintenance records for existing BMPs and performed a desktop analysis to prescreen new sites for BMP implementation opportunities. An overall field plan was created and public notice provided with McAdams leading a teams that visited 110 sites in the watershed with and without BMPs. At sites with existing BMPs, the teams performed inventory updates of key BMP information, assessed BMP functional condition, and created project fact sheets that included concept sketches for those BMPs posing a potential benefit in either increased water quality, stream protection, or both. At promising new sites, the teams identified the preferred BMP types and prepared concept sketches of proposed layouts. Each sketch included the approximate size of the facility, estimated grading limits, proposed inlet and outlet structure locations, and reasonable maintenance access routes. The above information, combined with an overall cost and constructibility analysis of each site, was used to create a prioritized project list for the entire watershed.  As part of this watershed plan, McAdams also conducted stream and wetland delineations & riparian buffer assessments for the Northeast Creek and Crooked Creek watersheds.  McAdams also prepared a Critical Areas Protection Plan (CAPP) and updated the Riparian Area Management Plan (RAMP) for these watersheds.