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Susan Leach

Director, Administrative Services + Systems
Director, Administrative Services + Systems

Susan is a strategic thinker responsible for developing, maintaining, and training on the firm’s global operations systems and the project/resource management tools our teams deploy to deliver efficient, consistent, and unrivaled project excellence.  A keenly-vigilant protector of The McAdams Brand, she frequently liaisons with her peer leaders to execute team-driven process improvements designed to optimize our clients’ experiences.  And with 30+ years of leadership experience in real estate and construction, Susan is passionate about nurturing and developing a talented team of administrative professionals who proudly deliver world class customer service to both internal and external clients.

Favorite Childhood Memory:

Sundays!  My family attended Mass together and afterward dad cooked a great big breakfast. We’d all help with cleanup then mom would begin preparing “Sunday Dinner” as my extended family arrived to spend the day visiting. My mom prepared and presented beautiful dinners for over 10 people, each and every Sunday. Sure, mom taught me to cook and entertain, but I am most grateful for her example of living life with a servant’s heart.