Stormwater – Natural Resources


Whether working with a single parcel or a comprehensive land plan involving thousands of acres and multiple uses, our Stormwater Department provides expertise and insight, often pinpointing problems before they occur. A major concern of the public regarding new development today is environmental impacts, stormwater run-off, erosion, and sediment leaving a construction site. These concerns, as well as concerns of policymakers and environmental “watchdog” groups, have led to more regulation of new development with respect to environmental impacts and stormwater runoff issues. Addressing these concerns and providing insightful solutions are the specialties of McAdams experts.  Our team can provide detailed study and analysis of potential or existing problems for our clients, as well as offer cost-effective solutions to address the issues.

Stormwater Engineering Services Include:

  • River and Flood Studies and Analysis
  • Dam Safety Design
  • Breach Routing and Inundation
  • Risk Mapping
  • Flooding and Detention Issues
  • Water Quality Issues, Mitigation, BMP Certifications
  • FEMA Revisions and Mapping
  • Storm Drainage Design
  • Coastal Regulations
  • NPDES Compliance Consultation
  • Pond Certifications

Natural Resources

McAdams provides comprehensive wetland permitting and restoration services, focusing on innovative and cost effective solutions designed to avoid or minimize regulatory problems. We have a staff of former USACE and DOT representatives, professional wetland scientists, and registered environmental managers that can tackle any environmental challenge.

Natural Resource Services Include:

  • Water Quality / Mitigation
  • Wetland & Stream Delineation
  • Wetland & Stream Restoration
  • Natural Resource Permitting & Remediation
  • Local and State Buffer Rule Interpretation
  • Rules and Regulations Interpretation
  • Natural Resource Surveys
  • Protected Species Surveys
  • Mitigation Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Cultural Resource Assessments