Whether serving a municipal client, or providing unique design solutions for proposed developments, McAdams has a successful 37-year history of providing water and wastewater engineering services in various locations throughout North Carolina. McAdams experts are particularly adept at providing unique water and wastewater conveyance solutions which consider both the short-term and long-term financial impacts, and consider all stakeholders, including permitting agencies and the public. McAdams water/wastewater experts approach each project with an understanding that all projects are different, and therefore require unique solutions. The McAdams Water/Wastewater Department has the consistent support of other McAdams departments, including Survey (including SUE), Water Resources (stormwater and environmental), and Construction Services, to effectively complete projects meeting all quality, schedule, and budget goals.

McAdams Water/Wastewater services include:

  • Wastewater collection and water distribution system planning and design
  • Water and wastewater storage planning and design
  • Reclaimed water planning and design
  • Odor control planning and design
  • Sanitary sewer evaluation surveys
  • Water and wastewater hydraulic modeling
  • Sanitary sewer capacity analyses
  • Pump station / force main assessment and design
  • Water and wastewater infrastructure construction administration
  • Water and wastewater permitting
  • Grant and funding applications