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  1. Recommended a 143-million-gallon raw water reservoir because the town of Southern Pines needed a safe and reliable source of drinking water for the growing region.
  2. Designed an extensive foundation-drain and minimum release system because an entire ecosystem that thrives downstream would be at risk if the receiving stream dried up.
  3. Diverted the upstream watershed around the reservoir because we did not want the area to be encumbered with restrictive watershed supply regulations.

Southern Pines Raw Water Reservoir.

In the drought of 2002, residents of Moore County realized their aging treatment plant did not have adequate capacity which left residents vulnerable to low water supply. Five years later, the area was in such a drought that everyday activities were affected; drinking water from the tap, cooking, cleaning, showering – all restricted. Safety to lives even became a concern. This spawned the implementation of the emergency and back up water storage that increased their water supply from 20 million gallons to 163 million gallons. In addition to the dramatically increased water supply, Southern Pines and the surrounding area are now better positioned for economic development opportunities. And that’s good for everybody.

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