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  1. Incorporated one of the largest Jumbotrons in the ACC and created luxury suites for longtime fans because, regardless of investment, fans want to feel close to the game.
  2. Lowered existing NCAA football field by five feet because fans in the front row were missing out on all of the action.
  3. Relocated a sanitary sewer line because its old location directly under the field presented a game day hazard.

Duke University, Wallace Wade Stadium

To truly elevate an experience, you must put yourself in the place of the consumer of that experience. In the case of the Wallace Wade Stadium, we sat in the seats alongside our partners. Together we learned that fans weren’t able to fully experience all of the pride and excitement of the Duke Football experience. Now they are.

You can count on us to do the same for you. We will work thoughtfully alongside you and your partners, applying our skills in the context of your vision to relevantly differentiate your campus while staying true to your values and history. Because we understand that the future of your institution depends on the experiences of students, faculty, alumni and ultimately fans.

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