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  1. Connected the trail to an existing pedestrian tunnel at Tryon Road because crossing the road was an unnecessary obstacle for pedestrians.
  2. Leveled the trail to be ADA accessible because everyone in the community deserves to enjoy the greenway.
  3. Provided scenic stops of the lake and surrounding area because we all need to take a moment for reflection.

Tryon Road Greenway

We love greenway projects because the land represents a small piece of the city’s personality. When it comes to the Triangle, we have a BIG greenway personality. We were thrilled to be a part of the Tryon Road Greenway project because we saw the opportunity make it more than just an asphalt path; it’s part of the community.

Together, we can help you reach your vision by applying thoughtfulness to the details that go into the making of a memorable experience, no matter how complicated or regulated. We have the expertise, the processes and the sequences to reduce the complexity of your project, while optimizing your resources. We see the big picture and the smallest details. That’s where we shine.

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