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  1. Created a civic park with a diversity of recreation opportunities because Davie County believes a good community park includes activities for everyone.
  2. Created a really large amphitheater and multiuse lawn space because Davie County likes to come together and enjoy community events like music and cultural arts festivals.
  3. Designing a splash pad to be a destination for all of Davie County and beyond, because once people visit this park once they will want to come back again and again.

Davie County Community Center

There is something very gratifying in seeing the potential of an existing community school site, being repurposed as a community wide recreation project to benefit the citizens of the Davie County. We were thrilled with the opportunity to work with the newly formed Davie County Parks and Recreation Department, Parks Advisory Committee and citizens of Davie County to create a plan to revitalize this site for use as a recreation and community facility. The McAdams team has been retained as the prime consultant to provide planning and design services, along with PROS Consulting, Clearscapes (planning phase), Fuller Architects (design phase) and Thorburn associates. The team has completed research and evaluation of the existing conditions of the site and buildings, engagement with the community to solicit input regarding the desired program elements, evaluation the local / regional market for recreation opportunities, creation of a phased master plan for improvements and recommendations for programming, cost analysis for physical improvements, as well as an operations proforma. The project also included extensive community wide input including an opinion survey, outreach at small, local meetings and events as well as formal public meetings in an effort to achieve full community consensus. The team is now engaged with providing full design services in support of the selected CMR, Davie Construction, who will be delivering the project with in the established budget. The park is expected to open summer of 2019.

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