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Multi-family Development

Alta Blu

Chapel Hill, NC

McAdams provided comprehensive survey, land planning, civil engineering, landscape architecture and construction administration services for a multi-family development located in Durham, North Carolina. The project team facilitated the City of Durham’s entitlement process to secure a zone map change, site plan approval and construction drawing approvals. From early in the design process, the multidisciplinary team collaborated on design solutions that targeted young professionals and their desire for individualism, entrepreneurialism and a transient lifestyle within the framework of a neighborhood identity. From the clean lines of the pool courtyard to the progressive built-in work spaces, the design echoes modern simplicity.

While design was a central focus of the development, the technical team also navigated the challenges of topography, impervious limits and stormwater management requirements. Split level buildings were proposed to resolve grade and the stormwater pond became a central feature of the development. The pond features a masonry overlook with fire pit and lounge area with views to the pond that display seasonal interest based on plant selection.

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