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Mixed-use Commercial

Bartonville Town Center

Bartonville, TX

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Denkmann Interests

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Commercial Developments

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Civil Engineering

Landscape Architecture


Bartonville Town Center is the first commercial development in the Town of Bartonville, Denton County, TX. Designed as a mixed commercial project, with retail / restaurants on the first floor and office uses on the second floor, this unique six-acre project collects stormwater runoff and recycles it through the organically designed retention ponds, with bridges and pedestrian walkways along the densely landscaped pond fringes and babbling brook amenities between ponds.

TxDOT deceleration lanes were partially funded with public funds, and the site is served by a rural water supply district. Underground water wells are utilized to replace evaporative losses from the amenity ponds, as well as to supplement on-site landscape irrigation needs.

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