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Commercial Retail Center

Berkeley Brownfields Redevelopment

Goldsboro, NC

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Goldsboro Point Five/Hart-Lyman Companies

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Commercial Developments

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This construction project was completed in 2017. Residual petroleum from a leaking underground storage tank (UST) system and dry-cleaning solvent groundwater contamination from a nearby dry-cleaning facility created a number of property redevelopment challenges. Based on these potential impacts to proposed site redevelopment, McAdams prepared an eligibility application on behalf of the developer to certify the site into the North Carolina Brownfields Program (NCBP). This was conducted to access the risk-based regulatory structure and financial and liability benefits of the NCBP. This strategy required coordinating activities between three different NCDEQ agencies. Through collaboration with the design and construction team, the foundation to the building and subsurface utilities were designed to not intersect the underlying contaminated water table to provide a significant cost savings. Asbestos inspections were conducted to support decommissioning of the gasoline station. McAdams provided oversight for UST closure and the excavation and in-situ chemical treatment of contaminated soil. McAdams prepared for a Vapor Intrusion Mitigation System (VIMS) design and specification for the installation of an active sub-slab vent/depressurization barrier system. McAdams also successfully provided VIMS installation oversight and pre-occupancy testing to document that the VIMS is working in general accordance with the design. Additional oversight was provided for tenant space upfits to make sure the VIMS was repaired in a manner consistent with the original design.

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