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Dam Rehabilitation

Blue Lake Dam

Whispering Pines, NC

Client Name:

Village of Whispering Pines

Project Types:

Parks + Recreation

Residential Communities

Services Leveraged:

Civil Engineering



Construction Admin

The Blue Lake Dam was rehabilitated as part of an adjacent residential development in conjunction with the Village of Whispering Pines (Village). Blue Lake is one of six large, historic lakes at the heart of the Village. The dam was listed as a jurisdictional structure under the NC Dam Safety Law of 1967. McAdams performed a traffic count analysis and downstream hazard assessment to remove the structure from the inventory list and therefore simplify the permitting of the repairs to the dam. The dam was retrofitted with a new spillway system to pass a large design storm without increasing the water surface in the downstream lake. McAdams worked with the developer, Village of Whispering Pines and the contractor to ensure the success of the project on time.

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