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Multi-phase Residential Community

Briar Chapel

Chapel Hill, NC

Client Name:

Newland Communities

Project Type:

Residential Communities

Services Leveraged:

Civil Engineering

Land Planning


Construction Admin


Cline Design

McAdams has assisted Newland Communities with a number of development phases at the Briar Chapel Community in Chatham County. Briar Chapel is an approximately 1,600-acre development that was permitted for nearly 2,400 residential units and continues being developed in a phased approach. McAdams was involved in this project in the initial steps towards entitlement and has provided many services for the initial and some of the subsequent phases.

Briar Chapel is a mixed-use compact community located in the northeastern US15-501 corridor in Chatham County, NC. The development is designed in conformance with the goals and requirements of the Chatham County Compact Communities ordinance as well as the Chatham County Land Development and Conservation Plan. Briar Chapel’s Master Plan is based on the principal of ‘honoring the land’. The community includes a variety of cultural and natural features of local significance that will be preserved. Great care has been taken to minimize land disturbance and to protect the existing character of the site and the vicinity. Roads and home sites are located in such a way as to take advantage of the existing topography. The walkable mixed-use nature of Briar Chapel creates a cohesive community that enhances the quality of life for its residents and neighbors. Briar Chapel’s design incorporate significant areas of dedicated open space that will be connected by an extensive network of public sidewalks on every street and many miles of trails.

McAdams was able to navigate the very involved process of public and stakeholder scrutiny and continually improve on the project design. Ultimately, the plan for Briar Chapel exemplifies the principles of low-impact development, housing diversity and integration of uses.

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