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Urban Multi-family

Bryton Apartments

Huntersville, NC

Client Name:

Davis Development

Project Type:

Residential Communities

Services Leveraged:

Civil Engineering

Landscape Architecture



Geheber Lewis Associates

Proposed development on the parcel includes construction of 260 residential units for rent, associated parking and urban site amenities. Additionally, a stormwater management facility is proposed to mitigate the impacts associated with the proposed development.

The site is subject to the Town of Huntersville Water Quality Design Manual. To meet applicable requirements, runoff is required to be first directed to Low Impact Development (LID) techniques. Runoff onsite is split to two sand filters designed with internal water storage to provide sufficient water quality treatment. Design for this facility is currently under review by LUESA. Once approved, the facility will be constructed and will be as-built certified at the completion of the project.

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