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Camden County

Camden, NC

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Camden County

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Water Resources

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McAdams is contracted by Camden County to face the hurdles of residential growth of the Hampton Roads area. With it, comes the increase in impervious surface and consequently, runoff and flooding. This expansion and encroachment around State parks, farmland and existing homes of longtime residents and constituents, can cause great concern. McAdams is assisting the County to adequately review and account for the stormwater impacts and tests to the applications of Drainage Law. Additionally, McAdams is helping to mitigate the continual lurch toward the precious waters of the Albemarle Sound where polluted runoff could impact the second largest estuary in the US, the Albemarle-Pamlico Estuary.

McAdams is also in charge of reviewing the impact of the 100-year storm elevation compared against Lowest Adjacent Grade and Finished Floor Elevations, ensuring that property and “insurable structures” are adversely impacted as infrequently as possible. McAdams is helping negotiate the intricacies of infill development when it occurs between existing developments and looks to limit parcel filling, so as not to allow excess hydraulic gradient from one property to another, beginning the perpetual filling and water diversions across the County.

As the reviewer of all stormwater and floodplain development within the County, McAdams sees first hand the inefficiencies and areas for improvement of the ordinances. It is part of McAdams’ charge to suggest and help implement changes to the guidance documents, design manuals and ordinances that steer development to make the process more efficient. Additionally, the team suggested systems for tracking SCMs and pervious and impervious surfaces through the County’s existing GIS staff. Being largely less developed than most other counties, McAdams is helping Camden become a leader in stormwater regulation, and eventually, a leader in innovative stormwater management, inventory and implementation.

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