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Portfolio | City of Raleigh, Stormwater Master Plan

Integrated Stormwater Watershed Master Plan

City of Raleigh, Stormwater Master Plan

Raleigh, NC

Client Name:

City of Raleigh

Project Type:

Water Resources

Services Leveraged:

Civil Engineering


McAdams is serving as part of the Strategic Advisory team in support of HDR, Inc. for the City of Raleigh’s Integrated Watershed Master Planning (IWMP) Program. The overall goal of the IWMP is to take an integrated and comprehensive look at the City’s current and long-range growth and development as it relates to stormwater watershed management practices and establish a watershed-based programmatic framework to address existing problems and prepare for future challenges. McAdams will help the team better understand the City’s existing stormwater policies and programs and connect the team’s efforts in developing the IWMP to the City’s overall vision and guidelines. With a thorough understanding and knowledge of the City’s longstanding drainage issues and known problem areas, McAdams will also serve as a technical advisor and strategic leader in providing the City with a more comprehensive and prioritized plan for addressing its stormwater CIP needs. Specific areas of McAdams’ service for this project include Stormwater Asset Management Program Development, CIP portfolio planning, stream and riparian corridor assessment and planning, drainage problem identification and prioritization and stormwater drainage problem conceptual design.

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