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Portfolio | Coker College, Kalmia Gardens

Beautiful Botanical Garden

Coker College, Kalmia Gardens

Hartsville, SC

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Coker College

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Education Campuses

Parks + Recreation

Services Leveraged:

Civil Engineering



Kalmia Gardens is a 35-acre botanical garden located along Black Creek in the Pee Dee Watershed. McAdams met with Gardens staff to assess an existing storm drainage outfall onsite collecting roughly 300 acres of untreated runoff. Downstream of the outfall was notable erosion, sedimentation and debris. McAdams assisted Kalmia Gardens in successfully winning a grant application from the Duke Energy Water Resource Fund to design and install a Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance (RSC) at the outfall. Installation of the RSC will directly and immediately reduce the export of sediment, bacteria and nutrients to Black Creek and improve the water quality in this system.

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