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Stream Stabilization

Dogwood Ridge

Apex, NC

Project Type:

Water Resources

Service Leveraged:

Stream + Wetland Design

Teaming Partners:

NRC (environmental permitting)

An UT to Beaver Creek is located within the Dogwood Ridge neighborhood in Apex, North Carolina. The active stream channel migrated over time to flow on top of an existing Town of Apex sanitary sewer line for approximately 300 linear feet. The newly formed channel was showing signs of significant instability due to the formation of an approximately six-foot tall headcut that was migrating upstream in the SS easement. McAdams was hired to assess the existing condition of the project reach and develop a stream stabilization design that would provide long-term channel stability and simultaneously protect the Town of Apex sanitary sewer line. McAdams performed an existing conditions assessment and utilized reference reach and regional curve data to develop stream stabilization design parameters. The project was permitted through the Town of Apex, USACE and the North Carolina Division of Water Resources (NCDWR). The entire project reach is located within five separate properties owned individually and by the neighborhood HOA. McAdams assisted the Town with property owner coordination and acquisition of temporary access easements as were required for the project to be implemented.

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