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Duke University, Marine Science + Conservation Genetics Center

Beaufort, NC

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Duke University

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Education Campuses

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Civil Engineering


Peter Gluck + Partners

The Duke University Marine Lab is located south of NC HWY 70 on Pivers Island outside of the Town of Beaufort, NC. In 2012, McAdams was asked to be a part of a team for the permitting and construction of the Duke Marine Lab- Marine Science and Conservation Genetics Center (MSCGC). The proposed building was located on a 3.15-acre Duke owned site. McAdams was responsible for permitting the site for stormwater compliance with the Town of Beaufort and NCDEQ. McAdams also coordinated with the Architect to ensure that concentrated runoff from the building was minimized such that the runoff would infiltrate into the adjacent soils to the extent possible.



“I have found McAdams to be professional, completed, thorough, and responsive in all aspects of work for Duke University."

Duke University

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