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Stormwater Management Regulations

Duke University, Stormwater Impact Analysis

Durham, NC

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Duke University

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Education Campuses

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McAdams maintains the overall Duke University Stormwater Impact Analysis (SIA), as permitted through the City of Durham, for permitting of peak flow rate detention and water quality issues related to all proposed site plans on campus. Working closely with the University’s Facilities Management Department (FMD), McAdams analyzed changes to cover conditions, time of concentration flow paths and sub-basin boundaries to determine changes to the University’s campus-wide stormwater model. Each site plan that is permitted with the City of Durham requires this analysis for submittal to the City-County Planning Department. If a Stormwater Control Measure (SCM) is needed for a particular site plan, then McAdams performs the preliminary design of these facilities in conjunction with the design team for the specific site on Duke’s campus. The SIA also covers water quality for Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Total Suspended Solids. McAdams maintains three “banks” of water quality credits from various sources for used on individual site plans. McAdams has maintained the Duke SIA since 2005 and provided stormwater management information for hundreds of submittals for Duke University to the City of Durham. The SIA is also used for a master-planning tool for the University for future land planning and project coordination.

As part of the Duke University Stormwater Impact Analysis agreement with Duke University, McAdams has also been asked to perform the following tasks:

  • Forensic Flooding Analyses
  • Annual BMC Inspections / Certifications for Regulated SCM’s
  • Preliminary NC Dam Safety Inspections and Analysis
  • Preliminary Street Section Layout and Feasibility
  • Limited Sanitary Sewer Capacity Analysis
  • Stream Restoration Monitoring Reports
  • BCE SCM As-Builts
  • Preliminary Stream, Buffer and Wetland Delineations
  • Emergency Culvert Replacement Sizing
  • Preliminary FEMA Floodplain Analysis

McAdams is also often asked to assist in navigating the permitting process for Duke projects for out-of-town architects and engineers due to our thorough familiarity with the permitting process and the stormwater management regulations in the City of Durham.

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