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Durham, NC

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Duke University

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Education Campuses

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Civil Engineering


Construction Admin

McAdams participates as the lead civil engineer for multiple utility enabling projects on Duke University’s campus. McAdams works alongside a mechanical engineer for the “soft” utilities (i.e. hot water, steam, chilled water, high voltage) and prepares utility drawings for water, sanitary sewer and fire lines. Duke University often initiates separate utility enabling projects to prepare for future building projects. This approach greatly facilitates the future development project by completing in advance utility extensions and relocations in areas that are already tightly developed. McAdams’ key role in these projects is twofold: 1) to develop horizontal alignments for the water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer extensions and relocations in coordination with Duke University Facilities Management Department staff that will best accommodate future development and minimize conflicts with existing infrastructure; and 2) to coordinate closely with the mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineer in developing the horizontal and vertical alignments for the water and sanitary sewer so as to minimize conflicts with existing and/or proposed extensions and/or relocations for “soft” utilities such as electric, gas, chill water, steam, cable, etc. As part of this effort, McAdams prepares the construction drawings and works with the City of Durham and Durham County to facilitate approval of the construction drawings and erosion control plans.

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