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Water, Stormwater + Natural Infrastructure Town-wide

Grant Administration Services

Nags Head, NC

Project Type:

Water Resources

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Teaming Partners:

Moffat & Nichol; Biohabitats

McAdams, along with project partners Moffat & Nichol and Biohabitats, is assisting the Town of Nags Head with grant applications since the Spring of 2022. This includes assisting the Town with identifying grant opportunities and prioritizing projects across a wide range of Town initiatives. Improving resilience is at the heart of the Town’s efforts as they work to combat the cumulative impacts of climate change, new development and increased tourism on their existing natural and man-made infrastructure. To date, the grant applications have included water infrastructure, parks, stormwater management, dune vegetation and estuarine shoreline improvements projects. The McAdams team is also providing design services, environmental assessment and construction oversight for multiple projects developed under this contract.

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