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Portfolio | Highland Creek, Pump Stations

Modification + Upgrade

Highland Creek, Pump Stations

Raleigh, NC

Client Name:

City of Raleigh

Project Type:

Water Resources

Service Leveraged:

Civil Engineering

The Highland Creek development is 257 acres with approximately 1,039 units. This development is served by three pump stations, two of which McAdams designed and permitted, and the third, which McAdams modified:

  • Modification of a 217 gpm pump station;
  • Upgrade of a 118 gpm pump station at 100’ TDH to a 390 gpm pump station at 116’ TDH, with force main modification from 4” to 8” diameter. Additionally, all electrical components were upgraded for the increased capacity. The generator was tested and it was determined that it was originally oversize and met the requirements needed for the increased capacity;
  • Design of a 270 gpm pump station at 215’ TDH.

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