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Portfolio | Horizon Eye Care, Waverly

Personalized Eye Care Experience

Horizon Eye Care, Waverly

Charlotte, NC

Client Name:

Crossland Southeast + Childress Klein

Project Types:

Commercial Developments

Healthcare Facilities

Services Leveraged:

Civil Engineering

Land Planning

Landscape Architecture



This project was the second of two medical office buildings that were part of the larger 90-acre Waverly mixed-use development. Due to our on-going working relationship with the owner, architect and general contractor on the first medical office building, we were selected to provide a similar scope of services on this project. The project consists of a Class A medical office building providing space for Horizon Eye Care in the growing Providence Road corridor. The property was ultimately sold to Horizon Eye Care following the completion of construction. As with the first medical office building, the project was on a fast track schedule due to tenant delivery obligations. The parcel for this project was very small and maintaining the required number of zoning ordinance required parking spaces was a challenge, but ultimately achieved for this compact suburban site.

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