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Master Plan

Meadowbrook Park

Garner, NC

Client Name:

Town of Garner

Project Type:

Parks + Recreation

Services Leveraged:

Land Planning

Landscape Architecture



Evoke (Architecture); RGA (Cultural Resources Consultation)

In 2016, the Town purchased Meadowbrook Country Club and Golf Course, a historically African American golf course, with the goal of transitioning the golf course into a public park. The park site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and recognized as one of the first Golf Club Associations in the State of North Carolina (founded in circa 1961), which allowed African Americans to become active club members. It is the Town’s desire to develop this property into a park which provides recreation to Garner citizens while preserving and promoting the historical significance. Community engagement coupled with intentional design will create a distinct civic space expanding the Town’s already impressive Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies certified (CAPRA) park system.

The reimagined park concept leads patrons through the park as they would move through time. The site is punctuated with focal points and programmed niches representative of milestones in the park’s history such as commemoration of the first 35 members of the country club; struggles in building a golf course by amateur members; celebration of peak membership period; decline in the memberships; and finally the golf courses’ bright future transformed into a park.

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