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National Grocery Store Chain

Chapel Hill, NC

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Commercial Developments

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Our client purchased the 14-acre Hendrick Performance Auto Mall facility in Chapel Hill, North Carolina for redevelopment into a national grocery store chain that will be completed in 2021. From an environmental cleanup and logistics perspective, innovative solutions were developed to overcome design and construction challenges due to the documented subsurface contamination from historical automotive sales and repair activities. This included the need to give Hendrick time to transition out of the facility after purchase of the property. To address these issues, McAdams developed a comprehensive program to manage environmental risk to support the property transaction and site redevelopment process. This included a detailed review of existing environmental reports, performance of Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments and asbestos inspections in order to develop corrective action strategies to support the needs of the project. This included entering the site into the North Carolina Brownfields Program to provide the advantages of a risk-based corrective action approach that is protective of future site occupants and liability protections and tax incentives for our client as a Prospective Developer. The presence of a documented release of gasoline from a leaking underground storage tank incident also required McAdams to facilitate inter-agency coordination between the Brownfields Program and the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality Underground Storage Tank Program. To allow Hendrick to continue to lease the existing automotive sales and repair facility for an approximate one-year period (until their new facility at another location is completed), McAdams successfully developed the first of its kind Site Operations Plan under the Brownfields Program. This plan includes site-specific spill prevention and response actions and compliance monitoring to provide assurances that continued operation of the facility will not cause new releases of contamination. The development of an integrated design approach with design and construction team members and regulatory agencies has been critical to the success of this project.

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