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Stormwater Management Plan + Stream Restoration

North Carolina Global Transpark

Kinston, NC

Project Type:

Commercial Developments

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Civil Engineering


As part of the application process for their NPDES MS4 permit, McAdams prepared an overall stormwater management plan for the core proposed development areas at the North Carolina Global Transpark. This overall plan encompassed two major watersheds in the area (Stonyton Creek and Briery Run), each flowing to the Neuse River. The Master Stormwater Plan divided the core area into 15 sub-watersheds ranging in size from 188 to 985 acres, totaling 6,690 acres. The Master Plan considered nutrient export, total suspended solids and flood control for the proposed full-build out condition for the proposed development sites within the watersheds. Since the area encompassing the site was so flat, a calibrated rainfall-runoff hydrologic model was constructed using the Corps of Engineers HEC-HMS package.

McAdams also prepared all required FEMA documentation (CLOMR and LOMR), Sediment and Erosion Control Plans, Bid Documents and Specifications for the Stonyton Creek Stream Restoration project, located just east of the Kinston Jetport. This project restored approximately 3,000 linear feet of stream as part of an overall project mitigation plan for Global Transpark.

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