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Portfolio | North Durham and Acadia Street Water Line Extension

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North Durham and Acadia Street Water Line Extension

Durham, NC

Client Name:

City of Durham

Project Type:

City and Town Utilities

Service Leveraged:


McAdams contracted with the City of Durham to provide design services associated with water main replacement at Acadia Street (approximately 2130 linear feet), as well as an extension of water main for the North Durham Water Reclamation Facility (approximately 1170 linear feet). The purpose of the project is to provide new water mains in areas where the City of Durham is experiencing issues related to repeated leaks, breaks and maintenance access. This project required effective communications with affected homeowners (on Acadia Street), various City of Durham departments (Fire Department, Public Works Department, Water Management Department), and NCDOT.

McAdams services included survey, SUE, public outreach, stakeholder involvement, design, cost estimating and permitting through the City of Durham and NCDOT. In addition to providing quality plans and specifications, McAdams ensured that the affected homeowners, various City departments and NCDOT are content with project communications and have no complaints. Communications with homeowners on Acadia Street has been a key element of this project. McAdams has performed the following public outreach tasks to keep nearby residents informed, and to minimize nuisances:

  • 30-day survey notification letters
  • 7-day notification door hangers for SUE and other noisy activities
  • Letters for field personnel to provide to residents asking questions during field activities

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