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North Hills Streetscape + Common Open Space

Raleigh, NC

McAdams has been a repeat and leading consultant for civil engineering, landscape architecture, survey and construction services for the majority of the North Hills East project off Six Forks Road and in close proximity to the I-440 beltline in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our team continues to closely work with city staff, elected officials, architects, planners and others for successful delivery of one of the largest and most dense mixed-use projects in Raleigh.

The project includes uses such as office, retail, restaurants, hotels and residential. Pedestrian and vehicular connections to and between the different uses are extremely important to user experience, safety and functionality. McAdams has been pivotal in the planning efforts and execution of creating a thriving mixed-use, urban atmosphere. Attention to streetscape, open space and pedestrian level detail enhance aesthetics and offers exceptional and meaningful user experiences. Gathering space, outdoor dining and interactive water features allows for varying programmatic uses. Specialty paving, enhanced landscaping and streetscape furnishings such as planter pots, benches, low fences and seat walls help to highlight and accent the building facades and public gathering spaces.

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