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Site Specific Master Plan

Parkers Ridge Park Master Plan

Chatham County, NC

Client Name:

Chatham County

Project Type:

Parks + Recreation

Services Leveraged:

Landscape Architecture


The Chatham County Parks and Recreation department engaged McAdams to complete a site master plan for a 134-acre county-owed parcel. This project was a recommendation from the Comprehensive Parks, Recreation and Greenway Master Plan completed by McAdams in 2019. The parcel is located in an area of the county currently underserved by parks and recreation opportunities. The design team used community and staff input from the Comprehensive Parks, Recreation and Greenway Master Plan to inform the program and design of the site. The master planning process entailed a detailed site analysis, community engagement to validate the plan, development of a master plan for facility improvements, an estimate of probable construction cost and a phasing plan. The master plan includes park program elements such as athletic fields with supporting restrooms and maintenance buildings; interpretive trails to honor historic agricultural uses of the site; a dog park; playground; and walking trails. The county intends to use the master plan to apply for PARTF grant funding in 2021.

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