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Raleigh, NC

Client Name:

NCDOT, Hydraulics Unit

Project Type:

Water Resources

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McAdams worked together with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) Hydraulics Unit to apply Lean Six Sigma principles to their retrofit program. NCDOT’s stormwater permit requires 70 new water quality and quantity projects be installed at existing facilities during every five-year permit cycle. Each retrofit requires significant coordination between NCDOT’s central office, division offices, and private engineering firms. The Hydraulics Unit has to manage all of these projects so they meet permit goals and are completed on time and on budget. McAdams reorganized and streamlined the program so that the Hydraulics Unit could focus on fewer tasks at once while increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their efforts. In addition, McAdams created a standard operating procedure (SOP) for the retrofit program that explains each step involved in planning, designing and constructing a Retrofit Project. Simplified flowcharts are integrated with detailed task descriptions to allow readers to quickly and easily understand the retrofit project process. McAdams also developed a tailored Microsoft Project template that automates project scheduling and easily adjusts schedules as project conditions change.

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