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South Buffalo Creek Watershed

Greensboro, NC

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City of Greensboro

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Water Resources

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The City of Greensboro has embarked upon a city-wide stormwater watershed master planning effort to fully assess each of the three primary watershed systems throughout the City, including Horsepen Creek, North Buffalo Creek and South Buffalo Creek, in an effort to better identify capital stormwater project needs and prioritize future stormwater infrastructure improvements across the City. As part of a coordinated effort with the Horsepen and North Buffalo Creek WSMPs, McAdams is conducting a watershed master planning study for the approximately 33-square mile basin of South Buffalo Creek, including detailed analysis of its 17 major tributaries and FEMA regulated stream reaches. In conjunction with the city-wide planning analyses, McAdams will be performing updated hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, including HEC-HMS, unsteady 1-D HEC-RAS analysis and PC-SWMM models, to analyze existing and future conditions, as well as climate-change scenarios for its major stormwater systems. This effort will also entail identifying Level of Service deficiencies at roadway crossings and
drainage networks as well as providing alternatives analysis and proposed scenarios for mitigating street and structural flooding across the City.

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