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Duke University, Three Valleys Sculpture Park

Durham, NC

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Duke University

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Education Campuses

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The Three Valleys Sculpture Park at Duke University will provide an outdoor extension of the existing Nasher Art Museum along the Campus Drive stream and road corridor area. This 140-acre area serves as a connection between East and West Campuses at the University. In 2013 as part of the stream mitigation plan for the Water Reuse Pond at Duke, McAdams designed and permitted the restoration of 3,400 linear feet of stream through this area. Conservation easements, buffers and utility easements were established as part of this mitigation project.

McAdams worked alongside West 8 in the master plan and preliminary costing exercises for the full build out of the proposed Sculpture Park. This Park will establish an outdoor venue along trails and corridors through the restored stream sections along Campus Drive, allowing for a true extension of the Nasher Art Museum to expand into the newly restored stream corridor. McAdams provided environmental consulting services and coordination for site “constraints” in relation to streams, wetlands, buffers and easements. Multiple utilities will be relocated with several stream culvert crossings needing upsizing and replacing. McAdams provided support for preliminary relocation, upsizing and cost opinions for these utilities.

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