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Phase II SWMM Modeling Update

UNC Chapel Hill, Science Complex

Chapel Hill, NC

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UNC Chapel Hill

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Education Campuses

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Civil Engineering


Located within the Town of Chapel Hill, the Meeting of the Waters Watershed includes among the most significant portions of campus runoff and drainage from UNC Chapel Hill. As part of its Stormwater Master Plan (SWMP), the University has developed a Stormwater Management Model (SWMM) that dynamically models existing hydraulic conditions for the entire campus serving future planning, analysis and design efforts related to stormwater runoff and development on campus.

Future planning for Science Complex Phase III (the next phase of development for the Science Complex) has included significant stormwater storage and extensive stormwater pipe replacement at the site. In an effort to optimize the amount of potential storage required and the amount of stormwater piping upgrades necessary, McAdams utilized and updated the current SWMM model to provide the Science Complex Phase III design team with planning-level strategies to identify feasible solutions to enable development of the complex and ameliorate current flooding issues to the maximum extent practicable

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