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Multimodal Facility

Union Station

Raleigh, NC

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City of Raleigh

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City and Town Utilities

Urban Spaces

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The Raleigh Union (train) Station project is a multimodal facility planned for Downtown Raleigh’s Warehouse District. The City of Raleigh needed expert design services for the construction and implementation of a dewatering system to treat contaminated groundwater generated during the installation of subsurface passenger tunnels, roadways and subsurface utilities. By teaming with Aptus Management, an integrated design approach was developed by engaging the City, architect, site civil engineer, structural engineer, geotechnical engineer and the general contractor (join venture) and their subcontractors to identify cost-effective design solutions that would best fit project needs.

A comprehensive program was developed that not only met the technical needs of the project but also effectively managed environmental risk per applicable regulatory requirements and from a business perspective. The end result was the design of a multi-stage water treatment system to pump groundwater from multiple construction excavation areas at one time through a central treatment system for final discharge into the City’s sanitary sewer system under a temporary discharge permit. Design and bid specifications were prepared and contractor selection assistance was provided. Oversight was also provided to document that the dewatering system is operating in accordance with design requirements and to identify cost and schedule saving solutions for ongoing operation of the treatment system.

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