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  1. The topography was not flat, so we used it to our advantage. We terraced the community because the area offered dynamic views of the neighborhood that we wanted residents to enjoy.
  2. Designed streets and sidewalks to reflect the neighborhood’s urban meets traditional aesthetic because we wanted the residents to not only enjoy the streetscapes, but also feel safer.

Inside Wade

When a project throws challenges our way, we see it as an opportunity. With the Inside Wade development, we saw the opportunity to make the neighborhood more walkable and the view more enjoyable for residents interested in drinking their morning coffee from a terraced porch. The catch: complicated topography and a tight timeline (our sweet spot). The result: the #5 fastest selling neighborhood in the Triangle region.

We’ll always go the extra mile for you, no matter how challenging it may be. To us, it’s about the final place we create together and the experiences made by those who enjoy it. The breadth and depth of our experience gives us intimate knowledge of the entire process, making it work for you. We insist on taking ownership in simplifying the complexities and maximizing your resources because it’s about your vision and the relevant experiences that will come from it.

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