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SCM Annual Inspections

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With a dedicated team of Construction Administration professionals, McAdams can perform the required annual Stormwater Control Measures (SCM) inspections, in-house, saving our clients time and money. Our Construction Administration team understands the importance of accurately inspecting and reporting on your SCMs to help avoid costly conflicts and potential hazards.

Our Services.

  • Annual SCM Inspections (Surface + Underground)
  • Multi-SCM Site Inventory, Inspections + Administration
  • Post Notice of Violation Assessments
  • Repair Contractor Selection Assistance
  • Remedial Repair Design
  • Remedial Repair Observation, Administration + Recertification

Why McAdams.

  • icon for ExperienceExperienceOur team has the qualifications required to meet your needs:
    - NC Stormwater SCM Inspection and Maintenance Certification;
    - NC Erosion and Sediment Control / Stormwater Inspector / Installer;
    - Licensed Professional Engineers (PEs); and
    - Years of experience in inspecting, maintaining and repairing SCMs.
  • icon for SpeedSpeedHow we will keep you up-to-date:
    - We will track your yearly inspection date and guarantee a timely and successful SCM inspection before any fees or penalties apply.
    - If repairs arise, we will have existing knowledge of the SCM and act accordingly.
  • icon for Typical SCMs InspectedTypical SCMs Inspected- Wetponds;
    - Wetlands;
    - Dry Detention Ponds;
    - Underground Facilities;
    - Bioretention Cells;
    - and many more!
  • icon for CommunicationsCommunicationsStaying in touch:
    - Our team will stay ahead of any upcoming inspections and will be in touch with the client at all times.