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Stormwater Program Management

Stormwater Program Management

With a dedicated team of industry experts in Stormwater Program Management, McAdams can support local governments, agencies, and industries in delivering an efficient, effective and creative stormwater program.

Our Services.

  • Nine-Element EPA Watershed Plans
  • Stormwater Ordinance Updates
  • Stormwater Management Plans
  • Stormwater Design Manuals
  • Stormwater Utilities
  • Illicit Discharge Detection + Elimination
  • Pollution Prevention + Good Housekeeping
  • Public Education + Engagement
  • Stormwater Ordinances
  • Stormwater Plan Reviews
  • Inclusive + Collaborative Stakeholder Meetings
  • Organizational Strategic Planning
  • GIS Support
  • Story Maps
  • Grant Applications

Why McAdams.

  • icon for ExperienceExperienceAre you ready for a fresh perspective on your stormwater program? We have a combined total of over 30 years of experience in stormwater regulations and program management to share with you. Working together, your team and ours can streamline your stormwater program, engage the public, and equip your team with modern tools to collect, store and report data. If you need more resources for your stormwater program, we can help you obtain grant funding, establish a stormwater utility, or update the rates in your current stormwater utility. You can depend on us to make the process successful and fun.
  • icon for TechnologyTechnologyOur team uses technology in a creative way that can support the many facets of your stormwater program, including:
    - Enabling you to collect data from a mobile device;
    - Automating data storage to take the pain out of reports + audits;
    - Creating + analyzing online community surveys;
    - Building story maps so the public can have an interactive experience;
    - Informing SCM owners when inspection or maintenance is due;
    - Simplifying MS4 record-keeping and reporting; and
    - Meeting other goals you have for your stormwater program.
  • icon for CommunicationCommunicationOur team will be available to support you when you need it. We will make sure we understand your needs and goals and will create a solution that is customized to you.
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