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James Caldwell, PE

Director, Education + Healthcare
Director, Education + Healthcare

James Caldwell has 20 years of experience and serves as the director of Education + Healthcare for McAdams. James’ focus is on higher education utility infrastructure, campus improvement, athletic facilities and overall stormwater master plan design and planning projects. James has extensive experience working alongside site mechanical engineers and geotechnical engineers to make campus projects successful.

Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

Favorite Childhood Memory:

I have many childhood memories from growing up on the family farm near Asheville. We would fish and boat in the pond and I was always interested in how the spillway system and dam embankment worked. We would build rock and mud dams in the creek to divert water and try to change the course of the flow. This is likely where I started to develop my interest in how man-made systems could work together with nature.