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W. Thad Murley, III, RPLS

Director, Geomatics
Director, Geomatics

Thad provides leadership for our geomatics group. He has over 20 years of experience ranging from supervising construction layout for projects ranging from residential houses to municipal infrastructure, to supervising and overseeing the preparation of final plats recorded throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Thad has expertise in the preparation of topographic surveys for many different types of projects throughout the metroplex and in the preparation of FEMA Elevation Certificates for property owners in designated flood hazard areas.

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Favorite Childhood Memory:

“My fondest childhood memory is how simple and carefree life seemed growing up in East Texas, our days were filled with playing outside, building forts, and hideouts, exploring the woods, and hunting and fishing. I always felt like I was miles from home, until I would hear my mom yelling that it was time to come in.”

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