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  1. The City of Durham relied upon McAdams for design support because of our experience and expertise with the design and repair of critical stormwater infrastructure in a FEMA-regulated Special Flood Hazard Area.
  2. McAdams integrated natural stream stabilization techniques along with the infrastructure replacement because it creates a more sustainable and resilient design against the impacts of future development and dynamic climate patterns.
  3. McAdams is committed to the long-term improvements to the City of Durham’s aging stormwater infrastructure because the safety and health of its citizens is of paramount importance.

Buckingham Road Culvert Replacement

Following the remnants of Hurricane Florence in September 2018, the City of Durham was forced to close Buckingham Road due to a failure of the culvert over a major tributary to Third Fork Creek. McAdams partnered with the City to design a new reinforced concrete box culvert and roadway repair. Construction began in September 2020 and the road reopened in February 2021. McAdams prepared an expedited design for the replacement and helped to oversee the construction process for the City. McAdams completed site surveys and culvert sizing meeting the intended City level of service for this roadway crossing. McAdams is committed to serving communities and improving the safety of stormwater infrastructure!

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