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Just the Vac Facts

McAdams has offered SUE services for years, helping our clients to know as much as possible about their property and helping to prevent costly mistakes with utility locating, designating and records research. Now our capabilities are enhanced as McAdams expands our SUE team with several key hires and has purchased our own vac trailer for locating, excavation and potholing. RTP Geomatics Director Greg Bewley, PLS notes, “Our growing SUE team allows us to safely operate the vac trailer system and respond to client needs at a much quicker pace. While we previously relied on subcontractors to provide vac truck services, having our own trailer gives us the ability to respond to client needs more quickly and with more control over the schedule.”

So what does a vac truck do?
We sat down with our Charlotte Director of Geomatics Kevin Baucom, PLS to find out more about vacuum excavation work and use of this new tool.  Kevin explained, “The vac trailer offers a less invasive method of digging and allows our team to remain safely on the surface while identifying accurate depths and locations of utilities. But the biggest advantage of using the vac truck is the accurate locating of utility lines, which helps avoid damage to very expensive utilities such as fiber optic lines. By properly locating a line before design, the schedule can be maintained and construction can progress more smoothly.”

The McAdams team is looking forward to serving its clients with a higher level of service now!