McAdams Honored with Landscape Architecture Award

McAdams’ work on Snow Hill Road Park Master Plan was recognized at the annual American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Southeast Region Design Awards in Greenville, South Carolina on June 3. The Snow Hill Road Park Master Plan was commissioned by the City of Durham Parks and Recreation Department to develop a framework for park development in the northern reaches of the City where gaps in recreation facilities exist. Located in an area of the City with meaningful historic context, a mix of surrounding land uses and diverse demographics, the Master Plan uses Elijah Anderson’s concept of a Cosmopolitan Canopy to influence design decisions intended to bring together diverse peoples under the umbrella of a civic space. The Master Plan employs a McCargian approach to site analysis and site suitability followed by development of concept, recreation and spatial organizational themes. The Master Plan process revealed previously unimagined recreation opportunities exaggerate the physical qualities of the site and offer a canvas for shared experiences. The plan closes with operational and cost recovery goals intended to support financially sustainable park operations.