Company Updates

McAdams Increases Its Downtown Raleigh Presence

We are Increasing our Downtown Raleigh Presence!

We are excited to announce our plan for expanding our corporate footprint to downtown Raleigh’s Bloc[83]. Our new space will consist of 55,000 square feet and will be located on two floors of the development’s Tower Two. Workforce expansion, attracting talent, proximity to clients and projected growth of the region were all factors we took into account when making this decision.

While our headquarters will shift to Bloc[83], we will maintain our western Triangle location with a 20,000-square foot presence on Meridian Parkway in Durham. This will give our teams flexibility on where they work in the Triangle. We have added 150 employees since January 2020 with 97 of those new hires in the Triangle market. This brings our total employee count to 359 company-wide; 240 being in the Triangle.

We currently have 10,000 square feet of office space in the One Glenwood building, part of the Bloc[83] development. Our teams have found that Bloc[83] caters to the shift in desired workplace environment attributes, which provides increased walkability; highly designed workspaces that encourage employee engagement and teambuilding; and access to other amenities that elevate their corporate experience. All current Raleigh team members will relocate into the new office space once complete, tentatively scheduled for mid-2022.

“We’ve made intentional efforts to grow nationally and regionally through acquisition and expansion and in doing so, have placed significant focus on our most important assets, our people,” said our President and CEO, Mike Munn, PE. “Having a Triangle-wide presence improves our accessibility and allows us to be closer to demographic and development trends while also making it more appealing and convenient for our team, partners and clients to work with us.”

The Bloc[83] location is particularly special for us as it is a showcase development project for our firm in conjunction with Heritage Properties. Being able to design a space for the future of the company that can bring teams together in an attractive and desirable location, which highlights our commitment to people and the communities we serves, was a key in our consideration.

“A company’s headquarters can be an iconic statement of who they are today, but more importantly who they aspire to be,” added Munn. “Being a larger part of the community in downtown Raleigh while offering flexibility to our team across the region will allow us to attract and retain the best talent.”