McAdams Kicks Off New Wellness Program

McAdams formed a new wellness program and committee named Well By Design!  The committee is tasked with helping educate our staff about optimizing their health and overall wellness. In addition to sending out a monthly newsletter with helpful tips and health education, the wellness program includes opportunities for staff to get up, get moving, and get $$!

In the fall, the Well By Design Committee hosted McAdams’ first health fair, complete with information, giveaways, lots of free samples, and even plank challenges! In early 2017, the committee has begun hosting a series of Brown Bag lunches, bringing in experts to talk about a variety of issues from ergonomic issues, breaking bad habits, injury prevention, and other topics aimed at helping our team prioritize their well-being.

The Well By Design program also includes financial incentives for preventative care screenings and gym memberships or fitness events so employees maintain an emphasis on their health and happiness! And while many companies are instituting wellness programs to lower healthcare costs, our firm believes that the emphasis on personal wellness is another way to invest in our thriving culture.