McAdams’ Manager Honored with Award

On January 12th,  Triangle Community Coalition (TCC) presented our own Ryan Akers, PE with the prestigious Jim Wahlbrink Grassroots Leadership Award. David Lazzo, Past Chairman of TCC, described this honor as having been created “to take on the tough task of recognizing one particular member…one gear, without whom, this machine may not have achieved to the level it did over the past year.”  Mr. Lazzo recalled Ryan as the lone voice that encouraged the group to carry on its mission and as someone who has tirelessly stepped up to help TCC have a successful year after a weak point in the organization’s recent history.

“That one voice, full of passion and energy is the driving reason we are all here today, celebrating a successful year, and planning even greater things to come” said Lazzo, who admires Ryan’s “drive, sense of community, willingness to learn and eagerness to grow.”

TCC is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works to influence public policy, shape public opinion, and generate development solutions.  Ryan serves the TCC Board as Treasurer. In his role as a Senior Account Manager at McAdams, Ryan helps to navigate development issues that his clients face in a growing region.