McAdams Receives Team Spirit Award

Through the Environmental Subcommittee of McAdams SHARES, we have partnered with Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association (ECWA) since 2018. Through SHARES, we have helped out with their stewardship program via financial support and volunteer labor hours with workdays at their Beaver Marsh Preserve. We continue this effort, but this year we enhanced our relationship and started volunteering our professional services. Starting in April 2020, we have been part of the Ashe St. Demonstration Project that includes project partners ECWA, the Conservation Funds (TCF) and Durham County Land Trustees (DCLT). With our stormwater, landscape architecture, planning and natural resources services we have been able to develop a master concept plan, construction cost estimates and aid in community engagement for the Ashe St. Demonstration Project. ECWA and DCLT will receive funding via TCF with the preliminary concept plan that has been created. ECWA told us that our services and support were crucial to the project moving forward. Our Environmental Subcommittee SHARES team is so passionate about this partnership, and particularly this project, we have been thrilled to help out. Because of our efforts, ECWA recognized Anders Lindquist, Kelli Garcia, Michael Vampran and Kelly Roth (pictured above) with the “Team Spirit Award” at their Annual Meeting in November.