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Graphic Gurus- Envisioning Your Project

A picture is worth more than a thousand words when it can be used as a tool in the development process to share a vision with stakeholders and end users. McAdams’ digital graphics specialists strive to provide stunning 2D and 3D graphics to communicate the design and help everyone understand the space envisioned by our clients. The project visioning process comes in all forms ranging from basic hand renderings to 3D visualizations and uses a variety of visualization software such as Lumion, the Unreal Engine and Oculus Rift + Touch.

3D models further communicate how a space “feels” in real-time by offering an experiential rendering allowing our designers to portray spaces as they would appear in real world settings. Walk-through and fly-over motions, coupled with seasonal and hourly variations expose design elements and context not visible in static plan renderings and conceptual graphics. The ability to view a site or site element from any desired point of view also creates an in-depth understanding of how a space will work once it is brought to life.

When working with citizens, public entities and clients, conveying ideas and information in the most legible format is crucial for end-product satisfaction. Experiencing a place before it becomes reality is a valuable communication tool and is a proactive method to include stakeholders and end users before construction.  McAdams’ “Graphic Gurus” harness the power of visualizations to capture interest, facilitate feedback, generate funding and, in some cases, expedite the approvals process. Take a look at some of our work and see how our team can activate a design!

McAdams’ visualizations thrilled local officials and citizens after years of planning the proposed Knightdale Soccer Complex.

Animation captured the interest of the community and facilitated feedback for the Davie County High School Repurposing Project, which is turning a high school campus into a community destination park.